Ash Foundation
Ash Foundation

News / 2017

September. We register for a bank account with Raiffeisen Bank and become eligible for receiving donations. We submit our initial tax declaration. Wecomplete the vetting process and become qualified to use Benevity’s gift matching platform.

Excitement grows as even more ideas start to emerge on our Slack channel. Hermina starts drafting an overall business plan for the foundation. Content starts to appear on our website.

We pick two ideas that would become our starter projects as we continue to develop them. style: color: deep-orange-400

August. Tamás and Attila finish registering the foundation. The team drafts the logo and the stamp, deploys the very first version of the website, and starts the charity vetting process with TechSoup and Benevity. We enter into a bookkeeping agreement with Prima Nota.

Our Slack chat rooms become more active as we start brainstorming about possible projects. style: color: amber-400 background: url(/images/news/coffee-checklist.min.png) right / contain no-repeat

July. Hermina and Attila visit their hometowns in Serbia.

During their stay, they meet with Tamás and Gábor. Tamás agrees to join the team as the administrator and legal representative of the foundation. Gábor joines as the third board member.

The team decides on the name and legal form, and drafts the goals and potential activities of the organisation.

The founders conclude the founding contract, construct the statute and the rest of the foundind documents, and request registration in the registry of business entities.